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Fun With Coins

TVOKids includes a series Mystery Files.  In Season 2, The Mystery of Fair’s Fair aired in June 2017 and was written by Claire Cappelletti, directed by Zsolt Luka, and produced by Jean-Louis Coté and Joan Takefman. There are a couple of familiar faces on this show, Jared Stapleton (Metro Coin & Banknote and Toronto Coin Expo) and Sean Isaacs (Alliance Coin & Banknote) and the Bank of Canada Museum is featured too. In this episode, Kyla and E.B. use four clues (a shiny beaver pendant, a coin, a pair of tap shoes and a Ethel Bruneau Tap School business card) to solve the mystery of a file labelled “Fair’s Fair.”  This episode is very enjoyable for numismatists of any age! You have an opportunity to see some coins you are not likely to come across on your travels, including one worth around 8 million dollarsYou can watch the full episode, which is both fun and educational, at this link:


Then you can solve your own mystery by playing the Mystery Files game online.

More fun for kids (and the rest of the family too):

You can also learn more about how money is made.

You can also see how making chocolate coins is similar to minting circulation coins.

Across the pond, learn about Euro banknotes and coins kids’ video - play the Euro Run game!     

Why do euro coins look different in every country?                    

And if you wants lots of laughs, check out Kid Pranks! - Best Of Just For Laughs Gags episode which includes a prank at  a currency exchange and another with buckets of coins!        

MORE Games, videos, songs, puzzles, trick, and other learning = Fun With Coins


For example check out these coin math riddles:

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